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Working at Quirion Métal is a rewarding and stimulating experience



Testimonial by Jean-Olivier Chamberland

I received my first practical experience in engineering through my internship at Quirion Métal. As an assistant project manager, I picked up firsthand management experience, a main task of an engineer.


I really enjoyed the professional work environment. It was very different from previous jobs, a marked improvement. My working relationships at Quirion Métal with my supervisor and other project managers were very positive. Everyone seemed to love their work. They got involved because of the climate of excellence.


I liked working regularly in English, too, with people from other Canadian provinces. Work at Quirion Métal wasn’t rote or routine. In addition to management duties, I did a good deal of field work, including a flight to Malartic.


I ardently recommend this employer to any engineering student seeking an internship.



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