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Quirion Métal provides a full complement of services for your turnkey projects. WE TAKE CHARGE OF YOUR PROJECT! Our DES-ING CONSULTANTS division provides engineering expertise to our clients. DES-ING CONSULTANTS is a modern enterprise, using software such as REVIT & ADVANCE DESIGN AMERICA to design cost-effective buildings that meet Quirion Métal's standards.


St-Joseph Seminary

Throughout the project, a Quirion Métal Project Manager stays in close contact with our client. Our work method is unique. It ensures that we clearly understand your needs and quickly execute your projects.


Our engineering expertise can address the requirements of the most sophisticated projects. It includes CAD, project scoping, modeling, drafting specifications, timelines, analysis of proposals and recommendations. Quirion Métal's engineering service oversees the work, both onsite and the office.



Jacques LabbéMr. Jacques Labbé, Eng., MBA.


Ingénieurs Quirion

Quirion Engineers



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This is why we devote considerable efforts into designing a structure that will earn your trust. DES-ING CONSULTANTS division handles blueprints. Their highly skilled staff has assumed expert control of this vital project component. 

Our approach has drastically changed in recent years. Everyone in construction now agrees that excellent blueprints are the key to a project's success.




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DES-ING CONSULTANTS works closely with our AZIMUT business partners in Charny and several drafters in Romania. That way, we can practically work 24 hours a day. 


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